Biostore CtrlHub

MMV Contracting Limited have always looked at integrating with products/ manufacturers/software packages that will enhance our offering to our clients and provide useful benefits commercially, whether this be purely financial and cost saving, or for a more streamlined benefit from integrating different disciplines that enhance the value of the systems that our clients invest in with a view to improving their business.

A major growth area of late has been the requirement to have a greater understanding of personnel, training, health and safety and behavioural analysis, along with CO2 reporting, diversity of staffing etc

Although we can and have in the past integrated with other software packages offering this type of service, we have established links with a company based in the North east who have successfully developed a slick professional, powerful solution for operational management, based on a modular cloud centric approach that delivers the key data our clients require.

Our Paxton Net 2 software offering for access control can be integrated into the CtrlHub software package so that existing access control systems supplied by us can take advantage of the benefits offered by the CtrlHub solution. Where perhaps the Paxton net 2 product does not lend itself to a new installation or a more mobile system is required we can also offer the Bisotore Solution of hardware and remote connectivity (see below), so essentially whatever you need, we probably have you covered!

CtrlHub offers real time access to key information from across your business. Ctrl Hub fits your business, the modular design includes personnel, safety, training, fleet, plant, forms and project documentation capability as standard.

The CtrlHub design and implementation team can also build specific modules, functionality and processes on top of the core system, providing you with an enterprise solution at a fraction of the cost and build time of a bespoke build.

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The core features of CtrlHub are;

Operational staff
Ctrl Hub will protect and empower your team, ensure they are always compliant and equipped with access to accurate information, and able to share instant updates with their manager.

CtrlHub will ensure your fleet, plant and equipment is always available and safe to use. Use smart notifications to aid your maintenance requirements.

CtrlHub will ensure your fleet, plant and equipment is always available and safe to use. Use smart notifications to aid your maintenance requirements.

Other features of CtrlHub are;

Data analytics
Release the power of the information you hold within your business. Let Ctrl Hub collect and sort your data allowing you to make better informed decisions.

Health & Wellbeing
Receive real time updates on your team allowing you to manage their health and wellbeing effectively, provide online resources and a direct link to support networks.

Bulletproof Audits
Secure capture and storage of real time and historic compliance data ensures bullet proof audit trails supporting accreditations or incident investigations.

Biostore Access Control

Maintaining an access control system can be time consuming, especially when there are a large number of access points to control. IDAccess can be used to define access permissions, and to monitor the use of these permissions in real time.

Linking to many of the popular access control systems on the market today, IDAccess is guaranteed to provide the right solution for you.

Control user access to buildings and rooms using IDAccess

Any user who is registered in BioStore’s IDManager, via biometrics, smart card or PIN, and who needs access to a building or room, can use a finger reader (or other authentication device as relevant). Each device is linked to BioStore’s IDManager, allowing users to identify themselves using their BioStore credentials.

Different doors can be configured separately, and different settings applied or edited and the time that each door remains open for, once unlocked.

  • Access timetables can be implemented to control access for groups of people
  • Using the pre-configured time and date options, a timetable could be set up to allow staff to have access when students do not. Timetables can be applied to any door
  • Options to manually override the access control system if required, including locking all doors, opening all doors or a single door, and overriding timetable settings

Visitor Management

Providing a simple to use and automated self-service system so staff can keep track of all visitors to the school, campus or workplace, a touch screen kiosk in reception is used by the visitor to create an account by entering their appointment and departure times as well as their contact information.

Locker Management

BioStore can integrate with all mainstream solutions, from one-time allocations to permanent lockers and laptop and asset protection systems with full RFID verification and charging features.

Computer Logon

BioStore’s IDLogon provides the benefits of BioStore authentication applied to the Computer Logon process. Advanced features provide logon for special needs through teacher and helper authentication.

Print & Copy Management

The BioStore solution is fully compatible with a ‘follow-me’ print process, where users submit print jobs to a virtual queue and can then retrieve those jobs from any authorised device, by confirming their identity using the card or biometric reader or typing a PIN.

Benefits & Features:

  • Times and dates can be set up for all users or groups of users, controlling what times certain access points can be used, and what day or range of days the times are applicable on. For example, access points could be activated only at the start of the working day, and deactivated when the work day is over.
  • Convenience – Individuals can gain entry (when authorised) without having to queue, request a key or wait for a member of staff to become available.
  • Control – Timetables with date and time configurations can be implemented for groups of people so that they only have access permissions at certain times and are unable to gain access to a building or room when they are not authorised to do so.
  • Integration – The same card, fob, PIN or biometric can be used to access other services within the organisation such as printing, computers or the canteen.
  • Security – Keys no longer need to be carried around, and therefore can’t be used by any unauthorised person.