CCTV – Today 

When I first started out in this industry, CCTV was true to its name – a “closed circuit” television system, viewable only in situ at the point where the cameras were being recorded, clunky VCRs that could stretch a tape to 24 hours’ worth of recording and who remembers the excitement of the first multiplexers, how we gasped in awe when suddenly we could record 16 cameras seemingly at once and watch either single or multiple views of footage? 

CCTV remains as the same abbreviation, except it’s probably fair to say that now its not “closed circuit”.  From the heady days of remote video monitoring, down phone lines, across microwave and laser (yes laser links) and infra-red transmission paths to the current offering of IP based networking systems that can transmit megabytes and gigabytes of video data around the world in a blink of an eye. 

There is a bewildering array of IP camera systems available (and still some that provide exceptional quality using coaxial cable) to the end user with grand titles of megapixel, HD, 4K Ultra HD and whilst choice is good, too much choice means that choosing the right camera system for you on your own could prove to be very daunting. 

As a company MMV Contracting Limited have accessibility to a huge market place of distributors and manufacturers of CCTV products and whilst we are happy to work with just about anything a customer might already own and wish to continue using, our current preference of CCTV ranges is limited to two of our choosing. 

In an ideal world, we would install nothing but Avigilon HD megapixel cameras and their associated support hardware and software. Why?  Simply because to our mind it is very good, extremely well made and has a very easy to use and understand end user interface through it ACC software.  When you consider that the vast majority of CCTV is all about the recorded footage, the ability to find the pertinent parts of your video archive is of paramount importance and the Avigilon software handles this for you extremely well and with constantly evolving search tools and video analytics built into the hardware and software of their systems, this job is only going to become easier. 

However, we understand that not everyone needs or has the budget for all the facilities that Avigilon software has to offer, so to this end our second-tier equipment offer uses the now well known Dahua range of cameras and recording equipment.  Again, well made, with excellent product support available to us and through us, the Dahua equipment fulfils the need for when someone still wants the very best images their budget will allow

We have many systems out there that are actually now hybrids often making use of the expertise available from the Avigilon software and mixing that with a range of cameras alongside Avigilon units that the Avigilon software is more than capable of handling. 

The key to a good CCTV system is to decide your budget, maximise this budget where you can, understand what YOU would like to get from the camera system, understand the limitations of camera positioning, specification and performance and look beyond the headlines of manufacturers datasheets.  Talk to people who know how it works in the real world and who are prepared to offer you the truth about performance and system design. 

Here at MMV, we try to maximise the efficiency of your budget and put together the very best system design that you can afford.  We will be honest about what you can and cannot achieve, we understand the limitations of the systems available to you and will do all that we can to fully translate your needs and your wishes into an affordable system design, and even better news – we don’t charge for this service nor do we try to engage you with an aggressive sales strategy, just common sense delivered at a fair price and with clarity of costs and system performance – it just makes everyone’s life far less stressful if we do. 

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